Straight-A-Guide Reentry Program

Straight-A-Guide Reentry Program

The video samples below, available through the YouTube channel, are from our in-custody Straight-A Guide Cognitive Skills Development Program. We specifically designed this 50-hour program, complete with lesson plans, for at-risk adolescents and adult offenders.


1.1: Overview Module: An Introduction – Who am I?

2.3: Values Module: Motivations – What motivates you?

4.1: Attitude Module: Attitude- What’s the right attidude?

5.4: Aspirations Module: Let The World Know – Why announce your aspirations?

7.2: Accountability Module: Our Maps to Success – What can accountability logs show us?

8.3: Awareness Module: Seize the Initiative – Can I prepare when there isn’t anything to prepare for?

8.5: Awareness Module: Be a Submarine – How does awareness lesses my exposure to distractions?

9.5: Achievement Module: Jerron Jordan – Gang leader to community leader.

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