Values (Class 2)

Straight-A Guide Job Training Program

Lesson #2: Values

 Materials Required:

  • Classroom space
  • Sufficient number of chairs with writing surface
  • Overhead projector that can broadcast DVD
  • Video DVD, Lesson 2.1
  • Handout on values

Introduce Lesson #2 (5 minutes):

  • Provide overview of values so that those in the audience know what we’re discussing.

First steps (10 minutes):

  • Take roll of participants.
  • Facilitator discusses his personal life, shares why and how he moved beyond bad decisions of his past.

Goals and Objectives (5 minutes):

  • Explain purpose of understanding values and discuss reasons why defining values relates to sustainable employment.

Expected Learning Outcomes (5 minutes):

  • Describe for participants that we expect them to learn how to identify the values by which they profess to live and how to assess whether the choices they make each day reflects that commitment.

Preliminary introduction (5 minutes):

  • Facilitator opens discussion by asking participants their perceptions of how employers perceive them as individuals.

Direct Instruction (10 minutes):

  • Facilitator asks participants on the basis for employer perceptions and opinions.
  • Facilitator asks participants what steps individuals can take to influence perceptions.

Guided Practice (20 minutes):

  • Facilitator plays video 2.1
  • Engage random participants in open discussion about values that define their life.
  • Issue handout that requests participants to articulate three highest values that define their life.


Lesson #2: Handout on Values

At Straight-A-Guide Staffing Solutions, we strive to provide direction for former offenders who want to grow into law-abiding, contributing citizens. We recognize that those who succeed in life make deliberate choices. Through our module on values, we try to show how and why leaders make decisions. Each step they take relates to the success they want to create.

Our courses strive to show participants how to communicate in the language of leadership. We want those who proceed through our Straight-A Guide training to communicate in that same language. That’s why we teach the importance of identifying personal value categories.

Leaders always know how to define the values by which they profess to live. Those values determine the decisions that they make. The values provide clarity, structure, a basis for what they choose. To the extent that they can pinpoint what they define as being important, they succeed in different areas of their life. They succeed in areas related to their marriage, their fitness, their career, their community involvement, their faith, or in every area that they defined as being essential to them. Those areas became their value categories.

We want those who represent Straight-A Guide staffing to live like leaders. Begin by identifying the three highest value categories of your life.

My values:















Bring this sheet with you for your next class. We’ll discuss more than about how values relate to success.