Training Day at Ventura County Office Of Education

March 12, 2014

Several weeks ago we reached an agreement to work with the Ventura County Office of Education. Today I conducted a Straight-A Guide Training with two teachers who will lead the program inside the juvenile hall. Visiting with the teachers really inspired me. You could see the commitment they have to helping their students succeed. They totally saw the value in implementing a program created by someone who had not just traveled through the system, but who thrived through the system. They mentioned many of their students had already begun asking for copies of Michael’s books. For this 50-hour, 12-week program, the students will read Earning Freedom and Success. Those books, of course, are on top of the lessons plans and videos they will watch.

I received a note from Director of Student Services, Paul Marietti, that the training went well and that the teachers are excited to begin. Speaking of beginning our pilot with Ventura will begin in early April.

Justin Paperny

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