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The Michael G. Santos Foundation (MGSF) proudly introduces the Straight-A Guide Cognitive Skills Development curriculum. Our comprehensive 50-hour program helps facilitators show participants strategies they may pursue to prepare for  law-abiding, contributing citizens.  Our 24-hour jobs based community program shows participants who live in the community how to develop the qualities that employers look to find in their job candidates.


MGSF bases its values-based, goal-oriented Straight-A Guide Cognitive Skills Development program on strategies that all successful individuals follow. Those in at-risk populations find value in the message because they can see, read, listen, and learn from Michael Santos, a man who used the Straight-A Guide strategy to triumph over a 45-year prison term. He returned to society with values, skills, and resources that translated into success.

Michael’s message inspires other people to pursue those same self-directed adjustment patterns so that they can return to society with their dignity in tact, ready to live meaningful, relevant lives. He began as an at-risk youth and left prison behind with values, skills, and resources waiting for him. More importantly, through the Straight-A Guide Cognitive Skills Development program, he shows others how to make that same transformational change so that they can lead lives of relevance.

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