Restorative Justice

The stars are in alignment for meaningful criminal justice reform. California has been leading the way with reforms like Proposition 47, also known as the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act. This legislation, passed in November of 2014, offers hope to more than 1 million people who’ve been convicted of low-level felonies. Provided applicants meet certain criteria, Proposition 47 allows  individuals to petition the sentencing court to lower an offense from the classification of felony to misdemeanor. This change brings enormous benefits for those who qualify and for local communities.

Felony convictions bring many complications. They can result in less access to funding for education, social services, healthcare, even housing. Those who qualify to have their convictions reduced to misdemeanors should seize the initiative. Below we offer links to a series of videos that provide more insight into Proposition 47. Those who want to learn more should visit outstanding resources that include:

We will continue posting videos and podcasts that help more people understand Proposition 47, the people who’ve benefited, and the people working hard to spread meaningful criminal justice reforms. Through our work, we continue efforts to:

  • Develop programs to help people emerge from the criminal justice system with their dignity intact, as law-abiding, contributing citizens.
  • Build bridges to help the formerly incarcerated transition into successful employment.
  • Spread more awareness on steps we can to take to improve outcomes of our nation’s criminal justice system with reforms that bring systemic change, reducing the injustices associated with mass incarceration.

Our initial videos follow:

Soon we’ll publish new videos that profile individuals who’ve benefited from this historic legislation.

If you’d like to schedule a presentation on steps we’re taking to improve outcomes of our nation’s criminal justice system, please contact Justin Paperny.

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