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Straight-A Guide


We’ve designed the Straight-A Guide reentry curriculum as a video-based program, complete with lesson plans and literature. Our 10-module program provides facilitators with the teaching resources they need to help participants understand why they should reject criminal lifestyles and associations to pursue law-abiding, contributing lives.

Facilitators teach the Straight-A Guide program over a period of between 10 to 15 weeks, in one-hour segments. Administrators may assign elective credit toward the GED for successful participants of this values-based, goal-oriented program.

The program begins with our Pretest, which we ask facilitators to administer at the start of the session to get a baseline for each participant’s understanding of a values-based, goal-oriented approach to living. Facilitators administer the same test at the conclusion of the course.

Each module includes five videos, five lesson plans, and PDF files for the following books:

  • Earning Freedom: Conquering a 45-year Prison Term
  • Success! Straight-A Guide for At-risk Youth
  • Prison! My 8,344th Day
  • Triumph! Straight-A Guide to Conquering Imprisonment and Preparing for Reentry

In addition, we provide facilitators with five fully developed lesson plans for each module. And we provide staff training for those charged with the responsibility of introducing our Straight-A Guide reentry curriculum.

The curriculum itself begins with an overview module, then modules on values and goals. Those introductory materials lead into the Straight-A Guide, which begins with attitude. We summary the remaining modules below:



Individuals who reach the highest levels of success begin with a 100 percent commitment, and their attitudes reflect such a commitment. Our module on attitude shows participants how to focus exclusively on what they’re striving to become. To the extent that they keep everything they think, say and do in harmony with the values by which they profess to live, they succeed.


As individuals commit to live their values and achieve their goals with an unwavering, 100-percent attitude, they set aspirations with clarity. In our module on aspiration, we show Straight-A Guide participants how to envision exactly what they’re striving to become. These lessons empower participants, showing them how to tap into energy from within. By investing all of their thoughts, actions, and words into becoming those aspirations—whatever they may be—they can emerge from difficult circumstances as law-abiding, contributing citizens.


Participants in the Straight-A Guide programs demonstrate their commitment to success with their 100-percent attitudes. Those attitudes lead to aspirations and the aspirations lead to clearly defined, carefully calculated, incremental action steps. Our module on Action teaches that Aspirations without 100 percent commitment to action plans rarely amount to more than fantasy. Straight-A Guide participants succeed to the extent that they take deliberate action steps versus relying on chance, randomness, or luck.


With their absolute commitment to leading deliberate lives, those who embrace principles of the Straight-A Guide take incremental steps with clearly defined timelines and milestones. In our module on Accountability, participants learn how to announce what they’re striving to achieve. They further their commitment to success by inviting others to hold them accountable. By developing tools to record their incremental progress, Straight-A Guide participants have the necessary tools to evaluate their performance, making purposeful adjustments when necessary.


By leading deliberate, values-based, goal-driven lives, those who commit to the Straight-A Guide sharpen their awareness. In our module on Awareness, we show that awareness has a double benefit: it enables Straight-A Guide devotees to make the most effective use of the resources around them. Further, an ancillary benefit comes through the awareness of others. Individuals who commit to the Straight-A Guide programs evoke an awareness that leads to respect, admiration, and support. The more individuals live with transparency and integrity, the more awareness they generate. Success follows.


Those who commit to the Straight-A Guide celebrate every achievement, and in our module on Achievement we explain reasons why should. Participants who grasp the message will understand that overnight success requires years of carefully crafted aforethought. It requires a 100 percent attitude and incremental action steps that lead to clearly defined aspirations. In order to foster continuously renewable energy, participants must celebrate every achievement. Success is a journey that lasts a lifetime, with each incremental step being an achievement to celebrate.


Individuals who embrace the Straight-A Guide live in a continuous state of gratitude. In this module on Appreciation, we show participants how to appreciate the myriad blessings around them, even while they’re living in difficult circumstances. We show participants how those who succeed take every opportunity to appreciate their blessings. Showing appreciation represents an integral step in a commitment to lead a values-based, goal-oriented life.

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