“The Straight-A Guide Reentry Program is a valuable resource for any organization that works with at-risk populations. The program’s authenticity makes it unique. Facilitators may rely upon the 50 videos, the literature, and the detailed work assignments the Michael G. Santos Foundation created to provide participants with a step-by-step guide to reject criminal lifestyles and begin preparations for law-abiding, contributing lives. Participants are more willing to accept the lessons because they are rooted in the experiences of Michael Santos, a man who triumphed over 26 years in prison and returned to society with values, skills, and resources that translated into success.”

—Professor Joan Petersilia, Ph.D. Stanford Law School Professor, Co-Director of Stanford Criminal Justice Center

“The National Guard’s Sunburst Youth Challenge Academy enthusiastically endorses the Straight-A Guide program presented by the Michael G. Santos Foundation. Each year we work with several hundred at-risk youth in Orange County. The literature and empowering message of The Straight-A Guide inspires our cadets to work toward reaching their highest potential. Since those who deliver the message transformed their life while enduring the challenge of imprisonment, they provide our cadets with hope that they too can become more than the external influences or the decisions of their past.”

—MaryLou Vachet, Program Administrator, Orange County Department of Education

“The Straight-A Guide Cognitive Development Program shows at-risk youth and adult offenders how to transform their lives. Participants identify with the authenticity of the message and facilitators appreciate the curriculum design.  We are proud to use the program at the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall’s Osborne School.”

—Dr. Angela Haick, Principal, Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall

“I appreciate the presentation you made on the Straight-A Guide to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Venice. I am proud to be a partner to use the program and I look forward to implementing the Straight-A Guide immediately. I endorse and recommend it for any facility that works with at-risk youth, as they identify with the message of overcoming adversity.

 —Armando Diaz, Associate Executive Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of Venice

“I have carefully reviewed the Straight-A Guide Reentry Program that the Michael G. Santos Foundation developed for at-risk populations. The material is very well developed.  The lessons present a logical sequence of topics and activities related to self-discovery, awareness, and transformation. Further, the high quality video talks and video excerpts will engage the intended audience. The Straight-A Guide program has tremendous potential to help many youth and adults transform their lives and redirect their activity into more positive directions. I am happy to endorse the Straight-A Guide Program. Once the Michael G. Santos Foundation secures institutional partners to implement the program, I will look forward to reviewing data on the program’s effectiveness at helping adjudicated and incarcerated individuals become law-abiding, productive citizens.”

 —Peter E. Leone, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education, University of Maryland

“Over the past three years I have taught The Straight-A Guide to more than 100 adult offenders at the Theo Lacy Facility in Orange County. The participants respond well to the message of responsibility and personal accountability because they’re inspired by Michael Santos’ story of returning to society strong after overcoming 26 years of incarceration. Based on my experience of using the Straight-A Guide, I am enthusiastically endorsing it and am looking forward to implementing the program at Santiago Creek.”

—Larry Coonradt, Teacher, Santiago Creek School, Orange County Department of Education

“I am pleased to be using The Straight-A Guide Reentry Program at the CORE—Center for Opportunity Reentry & Education—Facility in Santa Ana, California. The reentry program inspires those in our group to pay more attention in class. The videos, together with the written exercises, help our facilitators persuade those in our population that participants who follow the values-based, goal-oriented strategies of the Straight-A Guide are more successful at reintegrating into society and building meaningful lives. Additionally, those who complete the program will earn valuable credits towards their high school diploma. It pleases me to rely upon the Straight-A Guide by the Michael G. Santos Foundation as a teaching resource that connects with our participants.”

—Steve Thornhill, Program Manager, CORE Program, Orange County Department of Education

I have reviewed the curriculum for the reentry program entitled Straight A Guide and find it to be a great tool for those re-entering the community.  The lessons of the Guide can provide a participant with important advice for success and includes real life experiences and videos from individuals that learned these lessons the hard way.  A value based program that is sure to positively impact participants.

—Nancy Bailey, Assistant Director of Prisons, RI Warden, Retired, BOP

“The Straight-A Guide Program shows at-risk youth and adult offenders how to transform their lives. I am proud to have participated in sharing my story. We should all work together to show people that they can become more than current struggles. I look forward to seeing this program implemented across the state and nation.”

—David Muhammad, Former Chief Probation Officer, Alameda County; CEO, Solutions, Inc.

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