Awareness: Two Prongs of Awareness (Class 16)

Straight-A Guide Job Training Program

Lesson #16: Awareness

Two Prongs of Awareness

Materials Required:

  • Classroom space
  • Sufficient number of chairs with writing surface
  • Blank sheets of paper for each participant 

Introduce Lesson #16 (5 minutes):

  • Describe why awareness differs from other lessons that Straight-A Guide Staffing Solutions teaches. Show that living values-based, goal-oriented lives opens our eyes to possibilities, but it simultaneously makes others aware of our deliberate living patterns.

First steps (10 minutes):

  • Take roll of participants.
  • Facilitator outlines his own story. He discusses the challenges that he faced upon being released from prison. Then he explains how and why he was able to advance his life. Facilitator emphasizes the importance of living an authentic life, and making values-based decisions. By living in such a manner, he was able to seize opportunities. By sticking with that pattern of deliberate living, others become aware of his journey and opened new opportunities for him to pursue.

Goals and Objectives (5 minutes):

  • Facilitator informs the class that he wants them to walk out of the meeting with an understanding that success does not happen by accident. Rather, it requires a commitment to overcome struggle and challenge. Anyone who follows a principled, deliberate path can become something more than the bad decisions of his past. But no one is going to work harder for the individual’s success than the individual himself.

Expected Learning Outcomes (5 minutes):

  • Facilitator expects each participant to appreciate the enormous challenges and opportunities that are within his grasp. Every decision he makes has implications, and the facilitator will strive to help the participants grasp those implications. Either good or bad may come from each day, and the facilitator will work to help participants more fully understand how to seize good opportunities..

Preliminary introduction (5 minutes):

  • Facilitator talks about how every man in prison made decisions that had an influence on his adjustment. Men who were aware of the prison environment made decisions that were consistent with the prison subculture, while those who focused on success made decisions to prepare them for the challenges ahead. Facilitator explains that he is going to show 18-minute video to highlight awareness within the prison setting.

Direct Instruction (18 minutes):

Guided Practice (10 minutes):

Facilitator discusses video with class