Awareness: Show How to Present Your Strengths (Class 18)

Straight-A Guide Training Program

Lesson#18 Awareness: Interviewing

Show how to present your strengths

(Facilitator Jerron Jordan guest wrote this lesson)

 Materials & Procedures:

  • Classroom space
  • Sufficient number of chairs with writing surface
  • Computer & Projector for Power Point Presentation
  • Handouts “Crossover Appeal” and “Speed Interview”

Introduce Lesson # 18 (5 minutes)

  • Discuss how the interview is the most important part of the job selection process.
  • Provide handout “Cross Over Appeal”

 First steps (5 minutes)

  • Take roll of participants
  • Facilitator discusses the job market for ex-offenders and the general..

Goals and Objectives (5 minutes)

  • Explain reasons why showing your strengths and experiences can advance the interview process.
  • Explain influence of demeanor during the interview.

Expected Learning Outcomes (5 minutes)

  • Facilitator will teach participants how to highlight strengths during an interview. Facilitators will explain the interview process, teaching participants how to prepare and to present themselves in the best possible way.

Preliminary introduction (5 minutes)

  • Facilitator will provide handout “Crossover Appeal.” Facilitator will ask participants to fill out handout to the best of their ability.

Direct Instruction (20 minutes)

  • Provide “Speed Interview” Handout
  • Facilitator will present PowerPoint Presentation “The Interviewing Process”

Guided Practice (15 minutes)

  • Facilitator will conduct exercise at the end of the PowerPoint. The class will be broken into groups of 3. One person will be the interviewer. One Person will be the interviewee, and the last will observe and give written feedback to the interviewee. These interviews should not go longer than 3 minutes each. At the conclusion facilitator will ask one person from each group to share what they learned.


Lesson #18: Speed Interview Handout  

This exercise requires three participants.

  • Interviewer
  • Interviewee, and
  • Observer

Choose who will be who first, then switch roles until each participant has had a chance in each role. Each Interview should only take 2-3 minutes.

Please choose one of the following jobs to interview for: Construction, Office clerk , Janitor, General Laborer,  Bank Teller, Car Salesman, or cable installer

Interviewer: The job of the interviewer is simple. Ask the interviewee the three questions below:

  • Question #1: Do you have any experience in this line of work?
  • Question #2: Please explain the gap in your work history.
  • Question #3: Why should I hire you?

Interviewee: Remember be honest at all times and remain confident. Always maintain eye contact and be articulate.

Observer: Rate the interviewee on a scale 1-5 (with 5 being very good and 1 being very poor) in the following areas.

    • Communication           1  2  3  4  5
    • Non-Verbal Behavior   1  2  3  4  5
    • Confidence                    1  2  3  4  5
    • Connectivity                  1  2  3  4  5




Lesson #18: PowerPoint:

LessonGoals 18PowerPoint


Lesson #18: Crossover Appeal Handout


Instructions: Write down 5 words in each category that best fits your character


My values







My strongest skills







Thing I do well







Combine all those words and repeat them twice. These are just some of your strengths you can articulate in an interview.


Now take one word from each category and put them in a sentence explaining why you would be a perfect fit for a job even though you have a criminal background or might not have too much experience.