Attitude: Five-Year Plan (Class 5)

Straight-A Guide Job Training Program

Lesson #5: Attitude: Five-Year Plan

Importance of thinking long term

Materials Required:

  • Classroom space
  • Sufficient number of chairs with writing surface
  • Overhead projector that can broadcast PowerPoint (need to create)
  • Handout on five-year plans

Introduce Lesson #5 (5 minutes):

  • Provide overview of long-term planning.

First steps (10 minutes):

  • Take roll of participants.
  • Facilitator discusses life choices that led to his current station in life. Explains process for making choices today and contrasts process from before he embraced principles of Straight-A Guide.

Goals and Objectives (5 minutes):

  • Explain reason why each participant should leave class with a full understanding of how long-term plans can lead to success and better outcomes.

Expected Learning Outcomes (5 minutes):

  • At end of class, each participant should be able to articulate a five-year plan. Participant should write initial plan at start of class. Before leaving class, each participant should evaluate what he initially wrote and make adjustments based on what he learned.

Preliminary introduction (5 minutes):

  • Facilitator reveals his five-year plan. Explains where he is now and describes for group where he expects to be in five years. Tells group reason behind his plan, relating the plan to his stated values and goals.

Direct Instruction (10 minutes):

  • Facilitator uses PowerPoint presentation to illustrate steps Justin Paperny took to launch the Michael G. Santos Foundation and the reasons behind Straight-A Guide Staffing.

Guided Practice (20 minutes):

  • Facilitator launches group into breakout session with groups of five.
  • Facilitator tasks group with discussing Justin’s five-year plan.
  • Facilitator asks one leader from each group to describe how Justin’s five-year plan will or will not lead to a sustainable outcome.


Lesson #5: Handout on five-year plan


Describe your life in five years:


Describe your life in four years:


Describe your life in three years:


Describe your life in two years:


Describe your life in one year:


Describe your life in six months:


Describe your life in three months:


Describe your life in one month:


What steps are you taking today to have a different life in one month?


How do the decisions you made yesterday relate to the life you will lead in one month?