Action: Resume Building (Class 10)

Straight-A Guide Job Training Program

Lesson #10: Action: Resume Building

Document your strengths

Materials Required:

  • Classroom space
  • Sufficient number of chairs with writing surface
  • Resume handout 

Introduce Lesson #10 (5 minutes):

  • Describe purpose of resume and reasons a resume can lead to employment.

First steps (10 minutes):

  • Take roll of participants.
  • Facilitator shares strategies he uses to obtain credit, to obtain employment, to show others that he is more than the bad decisions of his past. Everything hinges around documentation, which a resume provides.

Goals and Objectives (5 minutes):

  • Explain reason why each participant should leave class with a full understanding of how he advances prospects for success with a resume.

Expected Learning Outcomes (5 minutes):

  • Facilitator will teach participants how they to build an initial resume and how to set strategic path to enhance resume in months and years to come.

Preliminary introduction (5 minutes):

  • Facilitator passes out an initial resume he used from his past and the current resume that he uses. Discusses the differences and explains reasons behind change.

Direct Instruction (10 minutes):

  • Facilitator explains that regardless of where an individual stands today, his resume reflects a starting point. Emphasize that there isn’t any shame at wanting to begin, as we all began working toward a better life at some point. Show that the first step toward building a better tomorrow begins with an understanding of where an individual stands today. Use examples of successful people who followed principled path to advance their life. Explain why a resume can show the beginning.

Guided Practice (20 minutes):

  • Facilitator asks each participant to draft an initial resume, using template provided.
  • Facilitator opens discussion about resumes and responds to questions.
  • Facilitator provides suggestions on steps individuals can take to improve their resumes within next six months, one year, and five years.

Lesson #10: Document your strengths with living resumes


The Straight-A Guide program isn’t anything secret. It is simply the name we’ve given for a pathway to success. Michael Santos learned that strategy through his studies and observations of successful people. Everyone he studied who achieved a high level of success or succeeded in overcoming adversity began with a strategic plan. They had values that they made a 100 percent commitment to following and they set clear goals within each value category. Then they documented the journey, showing others that they were worthy of support.

That is the purpose of a resume. It is to show others that we are worthy of support. While traversing longer than a quarter century in prison, Michael routinely used a form of a resume to document the reasons why he was worthy of support. As he wrote in his books, his strategy proved helpful in prisons of every security level. If he had succeeded in only one prison, others might dismiss the strategy as luck. But he showed how he used the same strategy in high-security penitentiaries, in medium security prisons, in low-security prisons, and in minimum-security camps.

Through his website, Michael shows how he continues to document his journey every day and he shows the benefits that follow such a strategy. Since resume building and living a transparent life has proven so successful in his life, when Michael wrote the Straight-A Guide training program, he emphasized the step-by-step approach so that others who wanted to achieve success could use the strategy to reach higher levels of success in their own life.

If you’re interested in changing your life, then you must persuade others to believe in you. The resume is a start. Begin to document your journey, showing precisely where you are today. We suggest you do more than write words on a page. You must also explain where you want to be tomorrow. You must document a clear plan on how you expect to advance from where you are today and show how you’re going to reach a higher level. Demonstrate that by executing your plan, you’re earning your way to a better life.

That is the path of personal leadership we believe in at the Straight-A Guide. It is the path we want to encourage you to follow.