Straight-A-Guide Staffing Solutions

A Division of the Michael G. Santos Foundation



The Michael G. Santos Foundation (MGSF), a registered nonprofit, strives to build a staffing company for at-risk populations. It will strive to open employment opportunities for at-risk populations. To qualify for employment, applicants must participate in our Straight-A Guide employment training. This training will teach the “soft skills” that employers require. Those skills include making a commitment to:

  • Show up on time
  • Dress appropriately for the job
  • Communicate with proper manners
  • Interact with customers appropriately
  • Interact with other employees appropriately
  • Work honestly

To provide this training, Straight-A-Guide Staffing Solutions (SSS) mentors applicants before they show up for work. Additionally, SSS offers participants ongoing training resources to help them grasp strategies to bring more value to the workforce. We will introduce them to the concept of values-based, goal-oriented living. Applicants show their commitment to adding value by completing a series of critical-thinking exercises on their own time. Our staff will encourage participants to think in terms of five-year plans, showing them how to use every employment opportunity as a stepping-stone to provide value to the workforce and to prepare for stable, law-abiding lives.

Value to Employers

Straight-A-Guide Staffing Solutions provides value to employers by offering the following services:

  • Screening of employment applicants
  • Removing risks associated with new hires for entry level positions
  • Removing the expense and unpredictability of workman’s compensation costs
  • Coaching and mentoring entry-level workers
  • Provide a higher caliber, motivated pool of entry-level workers
  • Conduct agreed-upon evaluations to ensure that employees comply with or exceed supervisor expectations
  • Provide additional training services to meet employer needs

Value to Government Agencies

Straight-A-Guide Staffing Solutions provides value to government agencies by offering the following services:

  • Provide soft-skills job-training for at-risk populations
  • Helping participants embrace values-based, goal-oriented living patterns
  • Helping participants understand value of avoiding criminal lifestyles
  • Helping participants develop skills for positive networking
  • Collecting data that shows contributions to lower recidivism among participants
  • Helping participants transition into tax-paying, law-abiding citizens
  • Contributing to lower crime rates and safer communities

Value to Participants

Straight-A-Guide Staffing Solutions provides value to participants by offering the following services:

  • Teaching strategies for new beginnings
  • Helping participants understand social contract
  • Helping participants make connection between values-based living patterns and success
  • Helping participants understand concepts of goals and accountability
  • Opening employment opportunities for participants
  • Helping participants communicate with employers
  • Helping participants communicate with authorities

Straight-A-Guide Staffing Solutions offers both short- and long-term labor solutions at a reasonable, negotiable cost to employers who need a motivated work force on short notice.  The Michael G. Santos Foundation (MGSF) will assume payroll responsibilities for all its employees and bill the employer on agreed-upon terms.

To document labor contribution, an employer’s designated representative will sign off on employee timecards to document the hours of satisfactory labor performed. MGSF will use those timecards to keep a running tally of hours for all employees. MGSF will provide the employer with full documentation for all hours worked. MGSF will charge the employer an agreed-upon markup to cover the costs associated with administrating this labor contract. If the employer chooses, it may hire Straight-A Guide participants for full-time employment.

Prospective employment partners will have access to the data we collect from those in the SSS workforce. Our workforce will include both males and females, and all will have had trouble with the criminal justice system. They may have been released from prison or may have other obligations to the criminal justice system. As such, SSS candidates will be highly motivated to prove worthy of employment opportunities.

Straight-A-Guide Staffing Solutions aspires to add value to employers, communities, and offenders by providing a buffer for employers and a bridge for offenders. Through contract labor, offenders may demonstrate the value they can add, despite bad decisions of their past. By contracting with SSS, employers remove the risk of adding felons to their payroll. Instead, they can test entry-level employees before taking the risk of adding them to their payroll. If the employee proves worthy of the opportunity, employers may choose to hire the candidate directly.

Our nation’s commitment to mass incarceration now results in more than 750,000 people being released from jails and prisons each year. Criminal backgrounds make it difficult for these employees to find employment. Lack of access to jobs renders these individuals vulnerable to additional problems with the criminal justice system. Straight-A Guide Staffing Solutions strives not only to bring value to employers who need to hire for entry-level positions, but also to assist local communities by lowering crime and recidivism rates.

Employment partners will have online access to the intake questionnaires that each of our applicants complete. Those questionnaires include the candidate’s response to a series of open-ended questions that document the candidate’s motivation to work, add value, and transform from offender into law-abiding, contributing citizen. Mentors at Straight-A Guide Staffing Solutions will coach offenders, helping them to develop critical thinking skills and to make the commitment to avoiding criminal lifestyles.

The appendices to this document show our intake documentation and a guide to show our Straight-A Guide training overview. It also includes a sample agreement between Straight-A-Guide Staffing Solutions and prospective employment partners.

Please join us in building safer communities by opening job opportunities for at-risk populations.

Justin Paperny & Michael Santos